Phu Pai Art Resort - Excursion in Pai

Phu Pai Art Resort can arrange all kinds of excursions in and around Pai with many unique and wonderful attractions to discover. Visit the local hill tribe villages and learn about their culture and way of life and enjoy picturesque views from the hilltop temple Wat Phra That Mae Yen. Natural highlights of the area include Nam Tok Mo Paeng waterfall and Tha Pai hot springs. Adventurous guests can join a rafting trip or local trek into the hills and there is a nearby elephant camp and horse riding centre.

Pai Village Centre

The village centre is only 10 minutes from Phu Pai Art Resort, where visitors can browse the many shops and stalls along the walking street. Rungsiyanon Road opens for pedestrians during the evening and is the new tourist hub for the city giving local artisans and businesses the opportunity to display and sell their goods which range from northern style food to t-shirts and arts and crafts.

Lisu Village

The Lisu Hill Tribe live in a small village about 20 minutes outside of Pai centre, they are a semi nomadic indigenous tribe originally from Tibet. They have migrated over the past 300 years to live in China, Burma and Laos and for 80 years have made the hills of Northern Thailand their home. On a visit to the Lisu Village you can see how the Lisu people live, their traditional houses and authentic dress. The village is not overrun with tourists and there are home stay programmes to experience an overnight stay.

Chinese Village

The Chinese Yunnan Culture Centre is located in the outskirts of Pai and is home to descendants of Yunnan migrants who cherish the Chinese traditions and culture. Many aspects of their traditional lives are showcased from the houses built of mud and straw to the dress, tea and food. The village has a restaurant with authentic dishes and desserts for visitors to sample as well as a souvenir shop, horse riding and shooting.